How to Buy a House? A First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

Buying home

The process of buying a house for the first time could seem dificult, especially if you’re a first-time buyer seeking to buy real estate. It’s simple to feel overburdened when thinking about down payments, credit scores, mortgage rates (both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate), property taxes, interest rates, and finalizing the sale. There’s so much at stake with a first home

However, it can be easier for you to navigate the real estate market if you are already familiar with what is required to purchase your first house. Let’s begin!

Ready to buy a house? To purchase a house for the first time, follow these procedures.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the process of buying your first home in this step-by-step guide. Here’s what you need to know about buying a home, whether you’re a newbie to the real estate market or a seasoned homeowner looking to sharpen your skills.

Step 1 : Begin saving for a down payment.

Saving downpayment

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One of the most crucial actions when purchasing a home for the first time? Make a plan for your finances. It takes a mortgage to purchase a new home, especially if it’s your first time doing so. The lender advances you the money, and you repay it over time. But you’ll need to make a down payment of some kind to qualify for a mortgage.

Then how much do you require?

The ideal down payment for a mortgage is 20% of the home’s cost to avoid extra costs, but if you don’t have that much money, don’t be concerned. Certain types of mortgages allow for down payments as low as 10%, 5%, or even 0%. (e.g., VA loans or a USDA loan).

If you’re having trouble saving for a down payment, learn everything you can about government programs. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development owns homes, which are referred to as HUD homes. They frequently sell for less than market value and have smaller down payments for qualified participants.

Step 2 : Verify your credit rating

Buying a home


Did you forget to make a few credit card payments? Sadly, it will lower your credit score.

A first-time home buyer will require a down payment in addition to having a good credit score. Your credit report, a thorough document describing how successfully you’ve paid off previous debts likecredit card debt and student loans, is numerically summarized by this three-digit number.

A lender will look over your record and score to determine the likelihood that you will make your monthly payment.

This information will be used by the lender to determine whether or not to lend you money, the amount, and the interest rate. Your prospects of getting a loan with a low interest rate, or perhaps getting any loan at all, may be compromised if a lender discovers some late payments on your credit cards or other blemishes in your credit record.

Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of your credit score and take action to pay off high-interest bills and overdrafts in order to raise your credit score. More information on how to check your credit score and the recommended range for first-time homebuyers can be found here.

Step 3 : Get a mortgage pre-approval .

One more of the most crucial actions for first-time homebuyers? requesting a lender’s pre-approval for a mortgage. Here, ideally a few loan officers from different mortgage organizations will be met with.

Each mortgage lender (LendingTree is just one example) will carefully examine your financial history and use this information to decide whether to lend you money and how much of a monthly payment you can afford. This will enable you to find houses within your budget. And that’s a good thing because paying a purchase price that is out of your price range will make your mortgage payment difficult and increase the likelihood that you will default on your loan.

Just remember that mortgage pre-approval is distinct from mortgage pre-qualification as a buyer. When you pre-qualify, the process is substantially shorter and you can get an idea of how much you can reasonably borrow without receiving any guarantees from the lender. Pre-approval is more difficult since you must submit a ton of documentation, but it’s worth the hassle because it ensures that you are creditworthy and can actually purchase a property.

One thing home buyers may do to start figuring out what they can afford in terms of a monthly mortgage payment is to enter their information into an online home affordability calculator before they even meet with a lender. This will determine the highest monthly payment you are able to make.

Step 4 : Find a real estate agent

Buying a home


Want a dependable buying manual by your side? The majority of first-time buyers will desire a top real estate agent, more especially a buyer’s agent, who will assist them in finding the ideal properties, successfully negotiating a fantastic real estate deal, and thoroughly explaining all the complexities of home buying along the route.

What’s best? First-time buyers of homes are not charged for the agent’s services (because the seller pays the sales commission).

Here’s how to locate a local real estate agent. A Realtor®, who is a part of the National Association of Realtors® and upholds a code of ethics, differs slightly from a real estate agent in this regard. Think about hiring a Realtor as supplemental insurance to ensure you get the support you need to succeed in the process.

Step 5 : Start looking for a home !

Now is the exciting part.  As a prospective homeowner, you can browse thousands of real estate listings on websites like and then request that your agent arrange appointments so you can visit your top picks in person.

It’s vital to distinguish between features you absolutely must have and features you truly don’t need because the sheer quantity of houses available can become overwhelming. Do you prefer a fixer-upper or a brand-new house? To begin, make a list of your needs and wants and narrow down your selections.

Step 6 : Give a proposal

Found your ideal house? The time has come to approach the seller with an offer. Be ready to provide the vendor a check as “earnest money”; this is distinct from the deposit. Here’s more information on how to present a home seller with an offer they can’t refuse.

Step 7 : Get a house inspection

Buying a home

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A home inspection is when you hire a professional to examine the house from top to bottom to see if there are any issues that would cause you to reconsider continuing with the purchase. Consider things like asbestos, mold, termites, and poor foundations. Yes, a lot can go wrong, but you can usually fix most issues.

Step 8 : Get a house appraisal

Despite the fact that you were pre-approved for a mortgage, your lender will still want to have the house appraised. Here, the lender examines the home to determine whether it will be a wise investment. It resembles a house inspection but is conducted by your lender.

More information about the home appraisal procedure, how to buy a house, and what to anticipate as a buyer may be found here.

Step 9 : Go to the conclusion

The real estate transaction’s various participants, such as the buyer, seller, mortgage representative, and other parties, come together at closing, also known as settlement or escrow in some regions of the country.

The day of closing is when you receive the keys to your new house and pay all the parties involved. Together with closing costs—additional expenses you pay to process your loan—that will be your down payment for the loan.

Closing fees can be significant, ranging from 2% to 7% of the purchase of the home.

Step 10 : Move in !

buying a home

Finished with closing? Got your loan? Congratulations, you are now a homeowner after successfully completing the property buying process! You see, the lengthy process of purchasing your first house wasn’t as terrifying as you thought. It’s now time to relax and take advantage of all the advantages of owning a property.


Here are some steps you can take for the first time buying a house. May be useful. Get more interesting information in the article

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