Choosing the wall décor for the living room

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Wall decoration is one of the important elements in creating a beautiful room design. Especially if you want to redecorate your minimalist living room to make it look more spacious, comfortable, and beautiful to the eye. Because, the living room is the main part that will be the first impression for anyone who visits.

Of course you want a positive impression that makes an impression on your guests, right? For this reason, it is necessary to have a good arrangement of the room and harmony between the furniture and the concept of the room.

Then, how to decorate the walls of a room with limited space? What wall decorations are suitable to be installed? And, what are the right steps for choosing wall decorations for a minimalist living room? Come on, find the answer below.

Wall decor living room

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Generally, many people make paintings as room wall decorations. but do not pay too much attention to the continuity between the theme of the room and the type of painting to be installed. Then, what type of painting is suitable to be installed in a minimalist living room?

The thing to consider before you buy a painting for a minimalist living room is to look at the shape of the frame. In order to blend with the minimalist concept, you should choose a simple painting frame without a lot of carvings and ornaments. For example, the type of painting that was popular, namely one painting that was cut into several parts with a simple frame. You can try it!

Another wall decoration that can be applied to a minimalist living room is a shelf. With this wall decoration, your living room will look more beautiful. Not only serves as an aesthetic value, the outboard shelf is also functionally useful. You can find various types and shapes of unique wooden shelves that can be used as wall decorations. For example, a wooden shelf in the form of a tree and its branches.

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On this wall decoration, you can display various objects, ranging from displays, collectibles, favorite books, action figures, and others. Of course, this outboard shelf is very multifunctional for your small living room.

The obstacle that is often faced when redecorating a minimalist living room is its limited size. No need to worry, these obstacles can be overcome by installing wall decorations in the form of mirrors. In addition to beautifying the room, mirror wall decoration also serves to create a spacious impression in a limited-sized living room. In terms of placement, mirrors are divided into two types, namely wall mirrors (wall/hanging mirrors) and floor mirrors (floor/standing mirrors). Decorative mirrors and makeup mirrors of these two types are often placed in the living room or bedroom as decoration. Then, which type of mirror is right for a minimalist living room? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the following two types of mirrors.

1. Wall-mounted mirror (hanging mirror)

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You can install a makeup mirror on the wall with a variety of unique, classic, or modern ornaments on the frame. What are the advantages?

  • It won’t take up much space in a small living room, so you can install it along the corridor wall.
  • There are various sizes, ranging from mirrors measuring 30×30 cm to full body.
  • You can easily get this wall makeup mirror at furniture retailers, from online stores to offline retail stores


  • Prone to fall if installed incorrectly.
  • Not flexible for everyone (for example, the installation is not suitable for people who are not very tall).

2. Floor mirror (standing mirror)

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  • The floor mirror has a more stable backrest so it is not easy to shake or fall.
  • Flexible to use for everyone with different height sizes.
  • Easy to find in furniture retail, both online and offline stores.


  • If placed in a minimalist living room, of course it takes up a lot of space so it will look cramped.
  • Limited sizes available

Wall Decorations in the form of Wall Paintings

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There are several types of wall paintings on the market, you can choose them according to your wishes and even better, adjust them to the theme of the room you want to install the wall decoration in, here are some types of wall paintings that you can use for reference before buying a painting decoration. wall.

  1. Abstract Wall Painting

If you want to make your minimalist living room have a high artistic value, you can try this idea. But, make sure this abstract painting will beautify while still creating a broad impression.

  1. Ombre technique wall painting

Painting with the ombre technique or a combination of these two colors can be applied to a minimalist living room. You can apply a black to white or black to gray color blend. If you want a brighter color combination, you can try red to pink.

  1. 3D mural or illusion effect

If you want to make your living room look unique, there’s nothing wrong with trying a wall painting with an illusion effect. However, this mural is recommended only for one part of the wall, so as not to make people who see it feel dizzy. Also make sure the choice of colors and motifs is adjusted to the concept of the room and the color of the furniture.

  1. Wall painting with splash technique

So that the appearance of your minimalist living room looks elegant, you can choose a dark wall background such as gray. Then, splash a light colored paint, such as gold or white.

  1. Tree silhouette mural

To make the appearance of your minimalist living room look sweet, you can apply a tree silhouette painting on the wall. You don’t need a lot, just paint a tree on the edge. In addition to being minimalist, this painting will also save costs because you only need to buy black paint.

Wall Decoration in the form of handicrafts

In addition to wall decoration in the form of paintings, wall decorations in the form of handicrafts can also be used as an option. Ornaments in the form of handicrafts can also give the impression of luxury if you can choose them properly.

There are many types of wall decoration options from handicrafts, namely:

1. Rattan wall decoration


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Rattan is a thorny plant of a group of palms from the Calameae clan. This plant is a type of plant that grows climbing or vines. Indonesian people themselves often use this plant for various needs. Generally, many use it as woven crafts and furniture or other household furniture

2. Paper wall hangings

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In addition to stationery, paper can also be used as wall decoration. If you want wall decorations with a low budget cost, you can choose wall decorations from paper, you can even make your own at home.

3. Wall decoration from Macrame

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Lately, the trend of wall hangings from Macrame. Macrame is a technique of processing fabric from fiber by making woven knots. The main ingredients in making macrame are yarn or rope, the rest are additional materials such as beads, buckles, handles, rubber bands, and glue according to the items to be made.

4. Wood wall decoration

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As we know, there are many benefits of wood. One of them is used for wall decoration. Wall decorations from wood can be in the form of carvings, sculptures, shelves etc. The price varies depending on the size, difficulty and type of wood used.

5. Metal wall decoration

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You can also use metal wall hangings as an option. Metal here can be in the form of aluminum, copper and brass. These materials have durable properties but are easy to shape. Decorations from metal base materials have high artistic value, so they will give the impression of luxury and glamor. In addition, metal materials have their own value. Even items with copper and brass materials will become more expensive over time because of their durable and long-lasting nature, which can become antiques.

Strict Steps to Choose the Right Wall Decoration

  1. Determine the Room Concept

Before choosing wall decorations, determine the concept of the living room to be decorated. Make sure you choose wall decorations according to the concept and fit your character. Do not choose just because of the trend alone.

  1. Pay attention to the area of the wall

It is very important to calculate the area of the wall before determining the wall decoration that will be installed. This is useful so that the wall decoration does not damage the composition of your living room. Because you need to pay attention to the harmonization between the space decorated with wall hangings and the empty wall space.

  1. Choose a Type of Artwork for Wall Decoration

There are various choices of works of art that you can make decorations on the walls of a minimalist living room. For example, paintings, wallpaper, calligraphy, mirrors, pasting shelves, and others

  1. Consider Decoration Prices

Before buying decorations, make sure you are careful and thorough with the prices offered. Instead, do a survey to a painting gallery, furniture retailer, or other art exhibition. There is nothing wrong with looking for wall hangings at affordable prices with very good quality on online sites.

  1. Ask for Expert Help

If you are still having trouble choosing wall decorations for a minimalist living room, another alternative you can do is to ask for expert help, namely interior design services. Consult the interior design concept you want to create a satisfying decoration.

Here are some tips for choosing living room decorations. May be useful. Get more interesting information in the article


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